Niels Præstholm Standard Trio

The quarantine life in the spring of 2020 without concerts and a lot of time for contemplation has made Niels Præstholm want to draw attention to this fantastic musical universe again. He has therefore invited one of the young generation’s greatest jazz guitar talents Casper Christensen and the experienced drummer Anders Senderovitz to an intensive collaboration.

During day-long sessions in the studio, the trio works to gain complete knowledge of the songs as a starting point for a telepathic and effortless interplay. The trio has already come a long way but the work continues and now it’s time to involve the fourth party needed to create musical magic. Namely the audience. That is why Niels Præstholm Standard Trio will make his debut at Sønderborghus on 3rd of September and at Storms Pakhus in Odense on 4th of September.

Niels Præstholm Quartet

In 2018 Niels Præstholm formed the new Niels Præstholm Quartet with trumpet player Erik Kimestad, drummer Bjørn Heebøll and his associate through many years saxofonist Simon Spang-Hanssen. Due to the corona pandemic this band has not worked much but in 2018 and 2019 they gave some concerts and established an exiting corporation with Guadeloupean painter Adam Gabriel.

Niels Præstholm og Art Ensemble Syd

‏Art Ensemble Syd is a Danish creative music ensemble founded by composer and bassist Niels Præstholm in 2009.
‏Art Ensemble Syd is working effortless in the fields of jazz and popular music, improvised music, cross over genres with modern classical music and folklore and as backing band for various soloists.

Niels Præstholm øver med Art Ensemble Syd